After years of classical training the spontaneity of a camera is appealing.  A reflection of out lives today. What I capture is translated once I download it to my computer where I digitally “paint” and manipulate images.   My exploration in any medium highlight  the subtleties of color, and  the juxtaposition of shapes and the impact of form and color on a two dimensional surface.

Street signs

I am standing still, I am speeding along, blink again at rest, at 40, 50 60 miles an hour. This series explores everyday life, from a different point of view. Using a camera to capture the chaos of speed, which merges and blends landscapes transcending one’s traditional views into abstract, impressionistic designs. Unique forms emerge, unusual layers and patterns the eye would never have registered from the original scenes. 

For me, it is still a part of landscape painting, plein aire, as they say, from a 21 st  century perspective.  Pieces may be one photo or a compilation of various photos of roadsigns and landscapes.  The essence of speed and abstraction in our lives in the fast lane.  Signs arrows, lights, lines, roads, buildings, delineate our path. I use these forms as an armature to create a snapshot of life. Though I use either a 35mm digital camera or a simple I phone, I read, “The best camera is the one you always have with you. ” The spontaneity of a camera is appealing.  A reflection of out lives today.

Spirit Dancing

Spirit dancing grew and, began as life of its own and keeps evolving. I am a photographer, painter and collagist. This group integrates all these disciplines. I am enamored by trees, Their size, texture, poetry. The many incarnations they go through each season. How they stand apart or  merge with one another. The series began with photos which I painted, cut and pasted. I was able to achieve texture which I couldn’t achieve with photos or paint. 

 In addition to photographs I have taken and manipulated, I am utilizing oriental papers, which are so organic and relate to nature. When used with various mediums these fiber like papers blend with other materials, creating exotic,  depth. and texture. The entire process is both physical and spiritual.



Still drawn to nature, it is a gift to live in the Hudson Valley full time. Winters are  most difficult. Frequently dreary, little sun, quite cold and all together a nuisance. However there is a subtle beauty in the dance between the snow and the armature of the trees and terrain. A calmness which creates a peaceful heart. There is so much chaos all around the earth, I wish to honor those moments of serenity.  The fabric of natures textures against a winter landscape or fall and soon to come again spring and summer.